Mobile, InStore, and Remote Services for Macs, Windows, Linux Computers.

We repair, upgrade, and maintain all computers, servers, and laptops. We can order, replace, and upgrade most hardware and software by Apple, Windows, and Linux.

Hardware and software problems better solved at your premises include internet and email connectivity, wired/wireless router and modem issues, poor cabling, printer and scanner glitches, servers and network configurations.

While it can be more effective to address some of your computer problems at your location, bringing your computer into our shop might be cost wise the solution.

We find that dealing with spyware, virus, OS reinstallations, and data handling can be time consuming, so we usually recommend to do the job at our locationn where we cap the cost.

If you're overwhelmed with work, have no time, or just don't want to have someone working on your premises you're welcome to bring your computer into our shop. Another solution would be that we pick up the computer and drop it off when the job is done.

But if you prefer the service to be provided onsite we can do so within 24hrs. Our service response has a combination of quickness, quality and reasonable cost.

Remember, while transporting your laptop to remove the power adapter from it and your computer put it with the connectors at the back down on the seat, secure them so they won't slide out.